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Trees and Roots that Could Damage Your Plumbing System

Trees and Roots that Could Damage Your Plumbing System
Tree roots can pose a massive problem for plumbing, and it is important to know which ones to either avoid or plant far from your lines.

Trees are a beautiful addition to your property, and in many ways, they can be largely beneficial. There are some species and some circumstances, however, when trees are actually a danger. Specifically, tree roots can pose a massive problem for plumbing, and it is important to know which ones to either avoid or plant far from your lines before you add new trees this season. Read on for several types of trees that overgrow or whose roots often seek out water sources, including plumbing, and can wreak havoc.


The sycamore is an extremely popular tree in the eastern United States, and it is one that grows quickly (part of its appeal for many people). Since it is fast-growing, the root system can become a danger to your plumbing much sooner than you might expect from a young tree. Add to this the fact that sycamores can grow to be very large, and you have a recipe for disrupted sidewalks, patios, and pipes.


Like sycamores, the birch is another fast-growing tree with an aggressive root system. This is especially true of the River Birch. Those roots could quickly become a problem if you plant one too close to your water and sewer lines. 


Like Sycamores and Birch, Aspens grow quickly. They also have one of the most fantastic root systems of any tree. Aspen root systems spread out widely and send up shoots that become new trees but connect back to the main tree. The largest single organism in the world is an Aspen system in Colorado.


Oak is another fast-growing and aggressive tree, and it is one that is very common in this area. We have the hot and humid summers that oaks like, which makes them a popular choice for landscaping.


Maple trees grow quickly, but they often have a very shallow root system. This means that they often grow those roots outwards more in search of water resources. Maple trees, especially Norway and Silver Maples, are common culprits in disturbed sidewalks and root intrusions into pipes.


Elm is another fast-growing tree with high water demand. The Elm root system actively seeks out and grows toward water vapor in the soil.


If you think the word “willow” and automatically picture a weeping willow over a lake, you’re not alone, and there is a reason. Willows are incredibly water-hungry trees. They have an extremely aggressive root system that seeks out water sources easily. When it’s a naturally occurring lake, that’s fine. When it is your sewer line, that’s not.

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