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Tree Removal & Stump Removal/Grinding

Tree Removal on Commercial Property by a Harford Tree ExpertIf you have landscaping elements, like trees or unsightly stumps, that you don’t want to be there, give the experts at Harford Tree Experts & Landscaping, Inc. a call. We can remove trees, shrubs, and stumps from your commercial property and take care of all of your commercial landscaping needs.

Tree Removal

Whether you have a tree that is dying, dead, damaged, or diseased, we can take care of your commercial tree removal service needs. Removing damaged trees is critical to protecting your business property, staff, and customers. Improperly taken care of trees can drop limbs or branches onto your roof, cars in your parking lot, or directly onto people. If you aren’t sure about the trees on your commercial property and their health, one of our workers can visit your commercial property, assess the condition of your trees, and make recommendations for their treatment or removal.

Stump Removal & Stump Grinding

Stumps are far from aesthetically pleasing and pose a tripping hazard to employees and customers at your business. If you have a stump of any size that you need to get rid of, the pros at Harford Tree Experts can perform stump removal or stump grinding. Stump removal involves removing the entire stump of the tree, including the roots, from the ground. Depending on the size and age of the tree, it can be a complicated process. The root ball can be up to ten times the size of the tree itself, so stump removal can also cause a considerable amount of damage to the surrounding landscaping until the sod is placed.

Stump grinding uses heavy-duty equipment to crush the stump until it’s several inches below the surface of the surrounding ground. Once we remove the stump, we’ll cover the area with dirt and sod to get your commercial landscaping looking brand new. Over time, the roots and remaining stump will decay and fertilize the yard that they sit beneath.

Stump Removal & Stump Grinding from Harford Tree Experts

Harford Tree Experts & Landscaping, Inc. offers all of our valued customers the quality work, quick response, and reasonable rates that they need. Our skilled workers can take care of all your stump removal and stump grinding needs, in addition to commercial landscape services, land clearing and land excavation services, and more. Our professionals are available 24/7, because we know that storms don’t always strike during business hours. We service the Harford County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City areas including Bel Air, Fallston, Perry Hall, Towson, Essex, Parkville, White Marsh, and Middle River. For service during business hours, contact us or give us a call at 410-592-7321. For 24/7 emergency service, please call 443-250-6649.

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