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Why Tree Planting is So Beneficial For Your Land

Why Tree Planting is So Beneficial For Your Land
Trees are actually one of the most interesting and beneficial things you can add to your property.

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about trees. They’re everywhere, from urban sidewalks to county lanes, so it is easy to forget how valuable and special they are. Trees are actually one of the most interesting and beneficial things you can add to your property when you’re planning on landscaping projects. They provide many health benefits to the people who live on the property – such as providing oxygen and reducing stress and anxiety – but tree planting is also beneficial to the land itself.

Prevent Erosion And Manage Runoff

Trees play an absolutely vital role in managing rainwater runoff. The tree canopies slow the rainfall so that it doesn’t pound against the soil while the root systems absorb some of the water and hold tight to the soil as the rainwater washes down banks and inclines. Without trees, all of our soil would wash away into streams and rivers.

Fight Climate Change

Trees convert Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen through photosynthesis, and this process is a powerful tool in the fight against climate change. If you want to make sure that your land is doing as much as it can to protect the rest of the world, tree planting is a great way to do it. Trees also help to remove other harmful stuff from the air, such as nitrogen oxides and other pollutants, making the air cleaner for all of the surrounding plants and animals (and us).

Attract Wildlife

Trees will potentially attract lots of wildlife to your property, especially birds. Trees provide places for birds to build nests, as well as a source for food (including seeds and insects or any bird feeders you choose to hang up) and shelter from predators. Squirrels also are attracted to trees, and other critters may come visit your yard because of the residents that make their home in your new tree.  

Improve Property Value

Having trees on your property can actually improve your property value. Part of this is because of curb appeal – the trees make your yard more beautiful. But it is also true that having trees on your property saves you money by protecting your home from the weather, providing shelter from cold winds and shade from the sun so you spend less on your energy bills. 

An Improvement That Lasts

Finally, remember that planting a tree is not a short term improvement. Trees can last decades and even more than a century in some cases. This tree could well be improving your property as it is handed down to generation after generation. 

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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