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How Trees Can Help Reduce Stormwater Runoff On Your Property

Trees play an essential role in stormwater runoff management and preventing flooding or unwanted puddling.

There are a large number of benefits to owning trees and especially benefits to the environment. Owning trees means you’re helping clean the air and offering new homes to animals such as birds or squirrels. The value that a tree can offer is incredible when you’re trying to spruce up a natural landscape. However, that said, trees have a specific niche benefit to homeowners that isn’t always talked about. That’s why we want to take some time to examine how trees retain and reduce stormwater runoff, which is a big help to urban and suburban areas and protecting the local environment.

Why Does Stormwater Runoff Matter?

There isn’t any doubting that rainwater is an important part of the environment. Sure, it replenishes water sources and helps keep all of our plants nice and healthy. The issue comes about once it becomes runoff. This is a real problem with impermeable surfaces like parking rots or roads because the water doesn’t get soaked up and can pool up and flood. Flooding can damage local animal habitats and make natural flooding much worse. It can also lend itself to sewage problems and feed into sewer drains, ultimately causing more issues in the end. Stormwater runoff also picks up pesticides and pet waste as well as other harmful toxic materials, ultimately leading to pollution issues and creating all kinds of problems.

How Do Trees Solve the Problem?

Planting trees can take care of some of these issues. They provide a space for water to actually do some help but letting all of that excess water soak up into the soil. Fallen leaves can even absorb some of that water, ultimately helping distribute the water around the soil. Once roots soak up some of that soil, you’re going to see much less runoff stormwater and many of the above 

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