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4 Questions About Summer Tree Care Answered

Tree Care
Got questions about summer tree care? We’ve got the answers to some of the most common things we hear around this time of year.

When you’re planning landscaping changes and yard improvements, trees are often a big part of the process.  Either you will have trees you already have on your property to work around, you will have trees you want to add, or both. This is because trees offer a whole host of benefits to the homeowner, from lowering utility bills by shading the house to improving curb appeal and property value. And since you’re likely spending a lot more time outside with your trees this summer, we are here to answer your summer tree care questions.

Can I Plant Trees In Summer?

Since summer is the growing season for most trees, it is better not to plant them then. Spring or fall are better seasons for planting because there is less stress being put on the trees by the weather. Often trees planted during the summer deplete all of their strength overcoming the stress of transplanting and growing that they cannot survive the winter. The one exception is trees grown in containers that have very heathy, established root systems, but even these need care and substantial watering to overcome the summer heat.

Can I Prune Fruit Trees In Summer?

Most trees do better when they are pruned in the dormant season, fruit trees included, but you can actually prune your fruit trees any time of year if you need to without doing substantial damage. Why might you need to? If your fruit trees have too much fruit, too many branches (especially older ones that aren’t producing), or have branches that are posing a risk to buildings or power lines you should prune them.

What Can I Do About Summer Storm Damage?

Wind and lightning damage are a common problem in summer storms. If your tree has been struck by lightning or damaged by wind, remove any unsafe branches and consider calling an arborist to check the tree’s health. Some lightning and wind damage will heal over time and some will not.

How Much Should I Water My Tree?

There are many factors that affect how much water your tree needs. Age is a big one with young trees needing more water than mature trees, especially in the first 1 or 2 years after planting. New trees need about 20 gallons of water weekly, while mature trees can go with being watered once or twice a month (unless there is a drought, then you should water more). 

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