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What Causes Bushes to Go Brown?

Keep your bushes from going brown with these tips from us here at Harford Tree.

Choosing the right variety of plants for your landscaping is an important part of creating a beautiful outdoor area around your home. The trees play a vital role in adding shade to your property and home. The vegetable plants give you food. The flowers add pops of color to the landscape. And an often overlooked part of your yard is the bushes, but they are just as important. Bushes add visual interest by varying the height and texture of the plants in your yard, but they often take years to grow to full size, so they are an investment. If your bushes are turning brown, here are some possible causes.


One of the major reasons bushes turn brown is when they don’t receive enough water. Every plant is different and the amount of water it needs will vary. If the tips of the leaves are turning brown it is likely jest a little under-watered, probably because the water isn’t getting down to the roots enough. Try watering during a cooler part of the day. If the whole leaf is turning brown, your bush is severely under-watered. You need to change your watering routine substantially or increase it. If the leaves are turning yellow, however, that is a sign of overwatering.


An extreme heat snap can also cause bushes to brown, especially younger ones. The older the bush is, the more established and able to withstand temperature changes it is. If your bushes are young, make sure they are getting enough water so they form strong root systems. If they receive a lot of sun, consider putting up something that blocks some of the sun at the hottest part of the day to offer them a break from the heat.


The other major cause of browning can be damage or disease. Damage can come from lots of sources, including insect infestations and animal damage.  Insects often move in on a plant when it is vulnerable, so carefully check the leaves for signs of them. Animals can also damage bushes either when they eat them, nest in them, or simply by pushing past them or digging at the roots. Once you know what is causing the damage you can prevent more by using insecticide, fencing, or some other means. 

Bush Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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