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The Biggest Landscaping Mistakes You Should Avoid


Be sure to avoid these landscaping mistakes when trying to make your lawn look as perfect as it should.

Many homeowners choose to enhance the beauty of their property with landscaping. However, without the right approach, you can end up giving yourself a lot more work to do. Here are the biggest landscaping mistakes you should avoid.

Rushing into Things

Although you may have a green thumb and an eye for design, it’s still always a great idea to have a plan of action before venturing into the world of landscaping. Planning is one of the most important and beneficial things you can do before you start any project. With landscaping, it will help ensure that your grass, and plant choices will thrive throughout the season, as intended. Consider the time of year that you’re starting your landscape design and consult some gardening expects to make sure that you give your choices the best chance at success.

Beauty Over Function

The best landscapes are the perfect marriage between beauty and function. If you focus too much on aesthetics, you may forget that the design also has to make sense in a practical way. If you have a family that uses your outdoor space for playing and entertaining, be sure to designate some space for those purposes before you unintentionally take over the entire yard with trees and plants. Leave space for your walkways to be clearly visible for guests and create areas for lounging.

The Wrong Locations

Some flowers and plants have better chances for success when they are planted in the right location. Consider the type of plants you want to use and where on your property gives them the best chance at growth. You can easily make the mistake of planting your flowers anywhere on your lawn and then facing the task of having to move them once you realize your mistake. Take note of the shade and access to sunlight in each area of your yard. Also, be mindful of high traffic areas in your yard where delicate plants would likely have trouble thriving.

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