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What to Know Before Planning Your Landscaping Project


Planning a summer landscaping project? Familiarize yourself with these tips beforehand.

Planning your landscaping projects can be an intimidating task when it comes time to prepare your yard for the summer months. It can be tough to get started, but consider the following factors when planning your landscaping projects and getting started can be a breeze.

How You’ll Use The Space

An important aspect of your landscaped space to consider is its function. Consider whether you want your landscaping project to be perfect for grilling, entertaining, or relaxing.  his will help you design and landscape a functional space perfect for your needs.

Who Will Use The Space

Who uses your yard space is important to know when planning your landscaping project. Knowing if you plan to entertain a lot or will have kids playing in your lawn this summer will help you make several important decisions about your landscaping. For example, you don’t want to plant anything toxic to pets if you’ll have dogs using your space.

How Things Grow In The Space

It’s important to understand the environment in your yard when planning a landscaping project. The condition of your yard may be better in some spots than others, and this can have to do with knowing the shady and sunny spots, as well as the water flow, in your yard. These are all good things to know if you’re looking to landscape your yard, and a professional landscape designer can help you determine the best places to plant your landscaping elements.

Soil Condition

It’s easy to take for granted the soil makeup of your lawn. However, the nutrients present in your soil will determine how well your landscaping can grow and thrive. You should know the condition and composition of your soil in order to determine what to plant during your landscaping project.


Water moves through the ground differently everywhere–it has to do with where you live, the lay of the land, and the types of soil in your area. When planning your landscaping project, knowing how water moves through your yard can help you plant things where they will grow best and result in a beautiful landscape.

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