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4 Big Landscaping Mistakes You Should Avoid


Working on some landscaping this summer? Just make sure to avoid these four big mistakes.

There are multiple reasons why your house has been on the market for a long duration and hasn’t sold. It could be overpriced, not appealing to the right homeowner or doesn’t have the curb appeal. Curb appeal is the potential homebuyer’s first look at the exterior of the house. When they look at the house, it either confirms their interest or will have them turning down the look-through. As the homeowner, it’s important to make sure your house is appealing within the exterior as well as the landscaping. Here are four big landscaping mistakes that are commonly made that you should avoid getting your house from stagnant to sold.

Unappealing Planting Decorations

Healthy habitat plants or foreign plants are very appealing to new homebuyers. It adds taster and color to your landscape that will have people stopping to take selfies. Even though you have this appealing value to your home, what you put those plants in can take that away. When selling your home, it’s important to switch out the decorations you have with the decorations potential homeowners will love. One plant decoration you should immediately switch out is tire planters. They necessarily don’t give an upscale look and can really throw off the landscaping for your yard. If it’s a must, move the tire planter to your yard so that it doesn’t become a front yard distraction.

Lack of Hedge Trimming Maintenance

Hedges are an attractive way to separate your yard from your neighbor’s yard. It gives a very forest feel to the house and properly blocks away unwanted sight just as a fence does. The common landscaping mistake people make with their hedges is not taking the proper maintenance to care for the hedges. Hedges require frequent trims/cuts to maintain the look of the yard. You don’t want to have perfectly cut grass, but the hedges become a distraction to the overall look.

Lack of Plant Research

Do you know what kind of plants are in your yard? Most don’t know what type of plants are in their yard, even how to take proper care of them. It’s important to note that natural rain and sun are good for plants, but all plants can’t survive by natural sunlight and rainwater. You have to take the steps to take care of your plants just as your lawn needs the same guidance. If you’re purchasing a new plant, one thing to consider is how long the plant can stay in the area you planted. Will the plant outgrow the area it is planted in? Will it potentially block a window, walkway or decoration?  Consider these questions to avoid this common landscaping problem.

Visible Sore eyes

The last big landscaping mistake people make is visible sore eyes, which makes the front landscape of the house unappealing. Sore eyes are utility tanks that are visibility in the front yard, trash barrels or any type of equipment used for electrical or household purposes. Having a big utility tank in the front yard can automatically be a strike against the house especially because the tank is needed for efficiency in the house. It’s something that can’t be easily thrown away. A trick to hide these unwanted sore eyes is to place plants around it for hiding, but also leaving easy access to use when needed.

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