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How to Help Your Land Recover From Flooding

Flooding Land

Have you experienced flooding due to the recent weather? Follow these tips to make sure your land recovers properly.

The weather has been pretty stormy lately which can have all kinds of effects on your landscaping and trees. It’s important to have a post-flood checklist so you know what to look for in the case that you go through some flooding. Appropriately addressing problems as soon as viably possible allows you to keep your land in top shape. If you’ve experienced flooding, try taking advantage of these tips to get your land back into shape.

Follow the Checklist

First, make sure you’re doing anything you do safely. Keep in mind conditions can still be dangerous and you should wait an adequate amount of time for the situation to settle. If you’re going to move through a flooded or recently flooded area, consider using protective gear. If possible, work with a professional who can help assess your land and decide what should be done. Survey your land and take stock of any damage, taking photographs along the way, as future evidence.

Salvaging Damaged

If there are damaged trees that can’t recover, they should be immediately removed. Wait until the area has dried up enough and then promptly get rid of any trees. Just be careful not to cause damage to any trees that are still standing. Accumulated debris is also an issue, so be sure to remove anything that could cause future problems. Again, working with a landscaping or tree care professional may be your best bet here.

In the Long Term

Even after floodwaters have receded and the coast seems clear, keep an eye on your trees and your land. Take a walk around your land and note any signs of infestation, disease, or developing damages. Obvious signs include discolored leaves, dying limbs, or trees with pitch tubes on their bark. Any of these signs are a good enough reason to have a tree care expert come take a look and see if there are any issues.

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