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5 Kinds of Quick Growing Trees That Offer Shade

Considering growing trees this summer? You may want to try these quick growing trees that offer shade.

Trees provide so many benefits to any landscape they’re added to. They are beautiful and help secure the soil, but they also provide shade for the house or any outside living areas. When trees shade your home they can help lower your utility bills in the summer. When they shade your yard, they provide comfortable shelter from the sun. If you want to add new trees to your landscaping to have shade this summer, consider these fast growing shade trees.

Red Sunset Maple

The red sunset maple delivers all year long. It grows fast and has a strong, attractive branch cycle. It has beautiful wide maple leaves that provide good shade in the summer, and those leaves turn a beautiful mix of red and yellow like a sunset in the fall. This tree is even beautiful in the late winter and early spring when it flowers.

American Sweetgum

The American Sweetgum is a beautiful shade tree that offers a very interesting look for any backyard. The leaves are star shaped, the fruit and twigs are interesting, and there are cool growths called wings that are corky and unique. The crown is nice and compact, making for great shade. The tree also puts on a beautiful fall display with a mix of orange, yellow, purple, and red leaves.

Quaking Aspen

The quaking aspen is an impressive tree for many reasons, besides growing very fast. It has a very large habitat range, the largest in North America. It’s habitat covers 9 timezones and these trees do well from sea level all the way to the timberline. They grow in clones, through offshoots that sprout from their roots, so be careful to choose the right location for this type of tree.

Weeping Willow

This pond-side favorite is beautiful and graceful, with long leaves and hanging limbs that sweep the ground and provide tons of shade. It may not be the best bet for all yards however, because it needs lots of water and it’s roots will reach for your pipes to get it. This is why they are often by lakes and ponds.

Northern Red Oak

The norther Red Oak is a hardy tree that does well in urban areas. It is stately and handsome, and it adapts well to most areas. It grows quickly, achieving a medium to large stature.  In the fall, it also provides a brilliant burst of fall color.

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