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Is Mulch Really All That Important?

Does mulch matter all that much when it comes to keeping your trees healthy and happy? Let’s take a look at the basics.

When it comes to tree care, mulch can sometimes be overlooked. Trees that are surrounded by certain kinds of turf or an abundance of other plants may have their growth stifled as a result, which can make mulching sometimes a necessity. This is especially the case in more developed urban environments, where your tree may be in competition with other life for all of the resources that may be out there. It’s impossible to recreate the environment of a forest within a city, but it’s possible to correctly mulch a tree and encourage healthy, long-lasting growth, so let’s take a look at how important mulch is.

What Kind of Mulch?

There are two primary kinds of mulch: organic and inorganic. Organic mulch consists of plant material like bark, wood chips, nut shells, pine needles, or some combination therein. In contrast, inorganic mulch doesn’t have any plant or animal material within it. Examples of inorganic materials include crushed stone, landscape fabric, or even recycled tires. Inorganic materials are useful in some landscaping applications but aren’t typically used for the growth of trees (and can even do some trees a good deal of harm!). Beyond the general guideline to look for organic mulch, you may also want to seek out materials that compost naturally and aren’t bogged down by chemical treatments or dyes.

What About Wood Chips or Grass Clippings?

Wood chips and grass clippings are affordable and easy to get ahold of, but they’re also not identical to using an actual mulching product. Before using these materials, it’s important that you completely compost them which can help their effectiveness. Sawdust works as well, but never use sawdust that’s a product of treated lumber.

How Should It Be Applied?

Even if you’re using the right product, you must also ensure that you’re properly applying it to get the most out of it. Improperly applied mulch can actually cause more harm than good, so be sure to follow the below steps. When a tree is first planted, this is a great time to put down your mulch. You may need to perform root excavation beforehand if there’s compacted soil or any root girdling issues as well. If you’re concerned about the process, reach out to your local arborist for help!

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