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How to Ready Your Trees for Spring

Struggling to help your trees with the transition from winter to spring? Give these tips a try.

Trees are usually the most resilient plants in your landscape. But after a long winter of harsh temperatures and freezing soil, even the hardiest trees can have trouble flourishing in the springtime. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help give your trees a head start this spring that will help them flourish all spring and summer long. With the right tips, you can get your trees looking their best for a healthy growing season. Here are some of our tips to help you get your trees ready for the spring ahead.

Clear Debris

First things first: You’ll need to make sure your trees have room to grow through the spring by clearing any debris surrounding them. Fallen leaves, branches, and other damaged plant debris can build up through the winter, so be sure to rake around your trees and clear any of this buildup. Not only will this help give your trees room to grow, it can also help prevent diseases or fungus in your trees that can jeopardize the health of your plant life. If there are any damaged shrubs or fallen trees left in your yard from the winter, be sure to dispose of them properly.

Tree Trimming

A good tree trimming is a great way to encourage growth in your trees. Overgrown tree limbs can become entwined and damaged, limiting growth and occasionally leading to dead branches that can be dangerous if they fall from the tree. A professional tree trimming can maximize your tree’s growing potential, allowing them to recover quickly from the dormant winter and start the growing season healthy and refreshed.


Over the winter, the soil in your yard will naturally lose nutrients. This can make it difficult fora tree or other plants to bounce back from the dormant season. Seriously depleted soil can even lead to long-term damage to your trees, so it’s important to fertilize in the spring to give your plant life a good foundation for the growing season ahead. It’s also a good idea to apply a three inch layer of mulch to the base of your trees, as this will help the tree roots retain moisture and nutrients, allowing it to start the spring off healthy.

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