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How Should You Dispose of a Fallen Tree?

Fallen Tree

Unsure of where to begin with a fallen tree? We have some tips on how to determine responsibility and take it from there.

Extreme weather conditions can often leave plenty of damage in their wake, including a fallen tree or two which may cause additional damage. Getting rid of a fallen tree also causes issues, as many people aren’t sure what to do when they see one. The good news is: we have plenty of tips for what to do with a fallen tree, and if you work with Harford, we can take care of the bulk of this for you. Read on below if you want to know of a few ways to dispose of a fallen tree.

Determine Responsibility

First, it’s important to figure out who is really responsible for the fallen tree. For example, if it’s near a public area, that’s a county or state issue and you can likely contact local officials who can take care of the issue for you. It may also be unclear if the tree is on your property, a neighbor’s, or public property, so it’s sometimes necessary to check your title survey or a plat map to figure out who is responsible for the issue. If the tree is yours, you must either remove it yourself or hire a professional like Harford Tree.

Create Firewood

If you have a fireplace or firepit, a fallen tree can actually be quite useful. With that said, don’t jump to quickly trying to cut up a tree yourself. This can come along with some serious safety risks and, in the event that you’re hurt, you would have no one to blame but yourself. Instead, you can contact a licensed, bonded, and insured professional who can remove the tree from your property as well as cut it up and leave you with some desirable firewood to take advantage of.

Potential for Landscaping

Sometimes, people actually use fallen trees in creative ways to spruce up their landscape. Imagine a section of the trunk being made into a beautiful bench or are stools around a firepit or wherever your imagination can go! It’s also nice to know that you’re actually using a tree from your own property to make the space look nicer.

Making New Lumber

Many times, trees end up falling because they’re old, diseased, or damaged, and that means it’s hard to find any real uses for it. On the other hand, a young and healthy tree may be great for lumber and you could actually have it sent to a mill for just such purposes.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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