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Cold Weather Watering Tips for Trees


Keeping your trees hydrated during the winter may not seem like an issue whatsoever. Still, there are some ideas to be familiar with.

Trees may be dormant during the winter but that doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible to cold, dry weather. You may not notice it, but harsh winters can be very stressful for trees, especially due to lack of water. By the time spring rolls around, your tree may be too far gone if you didn’t notice the issues earlier. Your trees still need you and still need water, so we’re here with some top tips for keeping your trees hydrated during the winter.

Set a Schedule

You want to maintain your watering up through the fall and lay off once the ground freezes over. When that happens, pay attention to the weather outside—while you may not be able to stick to your typical schedule, there are still times when you’re going to need to help your tree out. Being a tad in tune with what the weather means for your tree can go a long way in stopping dehydration.

When is Watering Advised?

Moist soil actually stays warmer because in this case, the water acts like an insulator. It’s also true, then, that any of the tree’s cells that are filled with water are going to be protected from the cold. Dormant trees don’t need as frequent watering during the season, but when there’s little snow and you’re not expecting precipitation any time soon, try to water your tree. This should be done one or two times per month up until the spring. Be on the lookout for especially windy areas, which may need extra watering to ready up against those conditions.


Heading into the winter, mulch is a good thing to take advantage of. By putting down a layer of mulch, you help keep all of that moisture in which goes a long way in regulating soil temperatures and cultivating in less harmful impacts from the cold. Mulch can kind of work as a blanket to keep your tree’s roots warm.

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