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The Most Important Winter Tree Care Tips

Tree Care

Make sure the trees on your property are feeling happy and healthy this season by giving these winter tree care tips a chance.

The best way to ensure that your landscaping starts off strong this spring is to start with strong winter maintenance. You might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of winter landscaping tasks that can be done to help ensure a healthy and beautiful growing season. Today we’ll walk you through four of the most crucial winter tree care tips.

Add Mulch

Before the temperatures drop, you will want to add a protective layer of mulch to the trunks of trees to help keep them warm and retaining moisture. A mix of organic matter such as leaf litter or wood chips should be added in a 3-4” layer that begins at the trunk and reaches about two feet in all directions. This formation should be highest at the edges and the lowest (3-5”) at the trunk as this will ensure that more moisture is held away from the trunk to prevent decay.

Prune Back Branches

Because trees are dormant during the winter, it is the perfect time to prune them. Start by researching what type of pruning each of your trees need – some need more or less depending on their characteristics. Pruning is vital for ensuring health as well as to help keep form and structure steady. If your trees have any damaged or diseased branches, these should be removed to help promote healthy growth later on.

Protect From Freezing

Vulnerable trees will need to be protected from the weather as they may not be able to survive the drop in temperature. Tropical or subtropical species will need to be protected no matter their age. When possible, keep the coldest adverse plants in pots so that they can be brought indoors. Trees can be covered with sheets, tarps, and burlap to help protect them, but make sure to use a stake system to help minimize physical contact to help keep the foliage and branches protected.

Make Sure Everything Watered

Winter tends to mean that precipitation slows, which can leave your yard’s trees and bushes feeling parched. Young trees, in particular, need regular watering as their roots may not reach far enough down to have access to groundwater. Older trees with deeper root structures maybe fine throughout the winter, but depending on age and varietal it may still be best to water them. Young trees need 10-15 gallons of water every two weeks while older trees should be watered 10-15 gallons per inch of trunk diameter.

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