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Should You Still Be Pruning During the Winter?


Is pruning during the winter a good idea to keep your trees healthy? Find out today!

If you’ve been neglecting landscape design this winter, it’s time to get back in the game. While you might think that your landscape needs little care over the colder season, it’s actually the perfect time to get ahead of your maintenance. With most plants dormant it’s now possible to care for your landscape in specific ways. Not only is it the perfect time to add fertilizers and take care of the soil, but it is also a great time to work on pruning and shaping. You might be surprised to learn that winter is actually the perfect time to prune for several reasons. Today we’ll walk you through some of the reasons winter pruning is so useful.

Just remember to pay attention to the signs of your plants and do your research first. Different plants have different pruning needs, when in doubt always double check. Additionally, you should make sure to take time while pruning to consider why you are removing each branch. Make sure to limit what you are pruning to decrease the risk of damage.

Better Health and Visibility

When you prune plants and trees in winter, you give yourself and your trees an advantage in several ways. To start, when you prune the open branches are weak points on your trees. In winter these are less susceptible to the chance of insect infestations and diseases that might take advantage of the open wound. Second, with most of the foliage gone for the season, you will have a clear view of the tree and its branches and will be better able to make cuts.

Premature Growth

When you prune your trees in late summer and fall, there will still be time for your tree to grow new shoots and branches. These sections will be less hardy and more prone to damage with the winter weather. By waiting to act you’ll be ensuring that there is less soft new growth as you head into the hardest season.

Increase Energy Reserves

Pruning trees in winter ensures that branches and limbs are able to store up their energy rather than needing to push it far out to the tippy tops of new growth. This means that more power can be conserved to allow for stronger, speedier growth come spring.

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