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4 Signs That Your Tree Needs Pruning

Is it time to give your tree a good pruning? Look out for these warning signs that you’ve put it off.

Trees are beautiful and truly beneficial additions to any property. They can held limit erosion, provide cooling shade, and add to curb appeal. But anyone who has trees knows that they don’t always grow the way we want them too. Some branches grow faster than others, or sprout off in unfortunate directions, and before long the tree has lost that aesthetically pleasing shape. Of course looks are the only reason to prune; pruning also keeps trees healthy and prevents costly property damages that could be caused by dead branches. Here are some tips to help you know that it’s time to prune that tree.

Broken Branches

Broken branches are a sure sign that you need to get out there and prune your tree. This isn’t because of how they broke; it’s because that broken wood is a hazard that needs to be taken care of. There are lots of reasons for branches to break other than the tree being dead or diseased. High winds or heavy snow and ice can break branches, or even other trees or branches falling in or blowing into your tree could break off branches. If a branch is broken or limp and the interior of the tree is exposed, you need to prune and protect it.

Tree Cankers

A tree canker is a spot of the bark that is sunken in or completely gone. They are often a sign of disease in a tree. If you have them, it’s important to have an arborist come out and check the health of tour tree.

Growing Out

When a tree is in a forrest it is competing for space with many other trees, so all of them tend to grow upwards towards the sun. In an open yard, on the other hand, trees have much more space to grow outwards. While a nice full roundish tree sounds lovely, these branches often become too heavy for the tree to support. They can break under their own weight or due to weather, causing damage to your property. Proper pruning will help train the branches upwards so they don’t become such a hazard.


Any deadwood is a sign that your tree needs pruning. This could be smaller dead branches or competing leader branches that have died. If there is excessive deadwood in the tree, this might be a sign of disease. Even if there isn’t anything wrong with the tree, not pruning the deadwood can still open the tree up to decay.

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