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3 Kinds of Tree Care You Should Prioritize

Tree Care

These tree care tips are important to know if you have any trees on your property.

Many people love the look of trees on their property and even more enjoy the shade they provide. In addition to providing access to healthy oxygen, they play a big role in shaping the experience of a community. Keep your trees healthy and strong with regular tree care. Here are some tasks you should prioritize.

Disease and Pest Treatment

Trees usually live long and illustrious lives, especially when properly cared for. However, one factor that will greatly impact and shorten the life of a tree is disease. In fact, most trees die from disease and pest infestations rather than old age. There are numerous types of diseases and pests that affect trees, so it’s up to you to be mindful of the health of your trees. In some cases, you’ll have to have your trees sprayed or injected with a specific treatment. You can find these products in your hardware store or research do- it-yourself methods for treating the condition. The same goes for getting rid of pests – treatments include using insecticidal soaps or applying a tree bug band.

Proper Pruning

Proper pruning goes a long way toward maintaining the health and strength of your trees. It should be a top priority because the right techniques ensure that your trees are able to withstand the pressures of severe weather events and make sure that your property and people nearby will remain safe at all times. Untamed limb growth can cause a lot of damage to nearby structures and are more likely to break off and fall, endangering people walking by. Proper and regular pruning also helps maintain the beauty of the trees.

Proper Fertilization

Proper fertilization is very important, especially for new and young trees. Give your tree the correct balance of water and fertilizer to ensure that it will continue to grow to be strong and healthy. Work with professional tree services that have expertise in this area or do your research about the specific needs of your tree species.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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