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Do Trees Need to Be Wrapped Before Winter?


Unsure of whether or not the trees on your property need to be wrapped before winter really rolls around? Find out more!

Your trees are just like any other part of your landscape, in that they too require proper care and maintenance to make sure they remain safe and healthy. Each season, trees have new concerns for their wellbeing, and the winter is no exception to this rule. Harsh winter weather can be especially rough on your trees during this time of the year, which is why you should take preventative measures and do whatever else you need to do to help your trees this winter. This includes trying to determine whether or not your trees need to be wrapped before the winter begins. If you are unsure, take the following into consideration.

Why Should You Wrap Trees?

Tree wrapping before the winter begins is important because it helps protect your trees for the approaching winter months. Winter weather can be hard to predict sometimes, but everyone knows there will be devastatingly cold days, and also unusually warm ones as well. This is troubling because for many trees, their bark warms up during warmer days when the sun shines bright. However, as soon as the sun disappears the temperature of the bark will drop significantly very quickly, which can result in the bark cracking and drying. This is why you should wrap your trees before the winter, because you can help prevent this.

What Trees Require Wraps?

The best way to determine if your trees require wraps is to think about what kind of trees you have. For starters, if you have young trees that are still growing, you will most definitely want to have them wrapped before the winter. Young trees already require special care and maintenance to guarantee they are able to grow successfully. They are also especially fragile and susceptible to the tough winter weather that is to come because of their thin bark. As a matter of fact, any tree with a thin layer of bark should be wrapped to protect them.

What Type of Wraps Are There?

If you decide that you do need wraps for your trees this winter, then you should make sure you select the right ones for your trees. If you have a young tree or any type of trees with thin bark, then you will need plastic wraps for them. If you have an arborvitae or evergreen, then you will want to opt for burlap.

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