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Can Trees Die from the Cold Weather During the Winter?


Worried your tree could die from the cold weather? Find out more about how winter can impact trees.

When it comes to matters of landscaping in the winter, we often think of our plants and lawn going dormant for the season, suspending most of our maintenance activities until spring. However, there are certain steps you can take and information you should have about your lawn, plants, and trees that will help them endure the cold and continue to grow and bloom when the time comes. Read on to learn more about the life of trees and how they react to the cold weather of winter.

Do Trees Freeze?

You’ve probably driven around your neighborhood in the winter and noticed that the trees have taken on the white glow of winter, adorned with snow and ice. It’s true that trees can freeze in the winter but it’s not likely that they will freeze to death. A tree already gets half its weight from water so in freezing temperatures, all that water becomes ice.

When Do Trees Freeze?

Your trees will freeze once the temperature drops between 20- and 30-degrees Fahrenheit. As different species of trees have different amounts of water, the exact temperature will vary. To combat the freeze, trees have a way of working to keep their internal cells alive in the winter. They do this by going dormant, or essentially hibernating through the winter.

How Do Trees Stay Alive?

Part of the process of trees keeping their cells alive in the winter and, therefore, not dying is by dropping their leaves in the fall. When you see this happen, it gives the trees a lot less that they have to support. In addition, all that water that trees store is then shifted to those internal cells to help keep them surrounded and protected from the elements. In addition to that, trees also have a process that allows them to turn starch into sugar which also helps their internal cells withstand the cold.

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