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The Top Fall Tree Care and Maintenance Ideas

Tree Care

Make sure you’re ready for fall with these tree care tips!

As we begin the yearly seasonal transition, summer heat fades into the crisp autumn air. However, the sweltering memory lingers and leaves a harmful impact on our landscaping.

Once healthy and durable, trees are now feeble and malnourished due to lack of proper moisture. Severely dehydrated foliage yearns for sufficient nutrition and demands immediate maintenance. Without attentive and prompt care, our trees will be increasingly vulnerable to looming winter storms.

Fall maintenance is an essential step towards strengthening your tree’s lifespan and reviving its health. The top fall tree care and maintenance tasks are pruning, mulching and soil care.

Pruning Trees

Removing dead, broken or diseased wood from the tree stimulates healthy branch and limb growth. This process is known as pruning and serves to benefit the tree’s present and future wellbeing.

Pruning is a preventative measure, blocking insect infestations and the introduction of decay. Eliminating flawed wood reduces the risk of dangerous falling branches and ensures a safe environment. The cleansing procedure also prepares the tree for the upcoming winter climate and icy storms. It minimizes the consequential storm damage that weak trees could experience.

Pruning is an undeniable asset in the tree care arsenal.

Quality Mulch

Fall is an ideal time to incorporate high-quality mulch into your landscaping. This addition is incredibly beneficial to conducting effective tree care.

The central function of mulch is insulation. Mulch insulates the soil, creating a barrier that blocks out temperature. Water is retained within mulch, adding moisture to the tree roots. This process ensures that your tree is fully hydrated and the resulting structure is stable. Additionally, weed development is hindered, allowing the roots to thrive due to the lack of competition.

Mulch contains many transformative effects, working to support the health of your landscaping.

Soil Care

Updating and improving your soil will drastically advance the condition of your trees. The role of soil is to protect the plant life from disease, pests or any other natural disruptors. It is therefore of utmost importance that the quality of this asset is frequently upheld and assessed.

Poor, inefficient soil is the most influential factor regarding tree problems. It is helpful to identify faults that lead to soil issues. Incompetent soil lacks essential nutrients, enables soil compaction or contains a high level of acidity. The tree roots reach peak functionality when the soil mirrors the essence of the natural forest floor. According to research, trees thrive in environments with soil that is rich in fungi and high in bacteria.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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