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The Top Winter Tree Safety Tips

Tree Safety

Make sure you’re following the proper tree safety steps this winter.

Have you been taking care of your trees this winter? Even in the cold season, many trees need to be maintained to ensure they head into spring looking and growing their best. That said, there are a few things you should avoid doing to keep your trees looking great no matter the season. Before you make these mistakes, make sure to read on.

Don’t Remove Snow

When the trees on your property have a dense layer of snow, you might be tempted to give them a shake to brush it off. Evergreens, in particular, may look overloaded with heavy snow that needs to be shaken loose to prevent damage. In reality, your trees are fine and even better off, left alone with the snow piled on. Trees have been surviving the effects and weight of snow for a very long time, they are more than capable of handling the pressure. Shaking and snow removal can cause more damage than you might think, it’s best just to let them be.

Keep Off The Ice

Like with snow, a layer of ice on your trees is less of a problem than you might think. While ice can cause breaks and damage due to its weight, it can also be incredibly dangerous. Climbing trees to deal with the limbs can be a trial even in perfect conditions, when ice is involved it’s best to wait it out or call a professional.

Should You Prune?

Unlike removing ice and snow, pruning is a piece of winter maintenance you should be paying attention to. While not every species of tree will benefit from winter pruning, many appreciate being trimmed while the weather is at its coldest. Winter pruning helps ensure that trees don’t waste valuable energy and nutrients trying to grow over winter. It also means that the open cuts are less at risk of disease or infestation.

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