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The Top Winter Tree Care Tips

Winter Tree Care

Effective winter tree care can help prolong the lives of the trees on your property.

Although the low temperatures of winter can be harsh sometimes, it is still a time of the year to celebrate. There are few things quite as lovely as the first snowfall of the year, or as nice as getting to rest inside next up to a warm fire. You will, however, need to prepare yourself to take care of various tasks during the winter. This can include shoveling your driveway, making sure you are stocked up on firewood, and especially tree care. Proper tree care is especially important in the winter because even though they are mostly dormant during the winter, they could still use help to continue to grow and thrive in the winter. Here are a few winter tree care tips to make sure your trees remain in top shape during the cold season.

Wrap Your Trees

An important tree care tip to follow before is to remember to wrap your trees. Wrapping is important for tree care because when the temperature of tree bark rises and then drops drastically, the tree will be susceptible to cracking and drying. Tree care through wrapping can help fix this issue because the wrap will help with temperature control for the bark. Tree wrapping is a highly recommended kind of tree care for young trees and trees with a thin layer of bark.

Prune Branches

The winter is the perfect time of the year to prune your trees. Pruning in the winter makes a tremendous amount of sense for tree care because pruning is already important for your tree to continue to function and keep its current aesthetics. You also risk losing limbs and branches of your tree to harsh winter weather, so you might as well take care of it before it can happen. Also, since there are no leaves left on your tree branches, pruning will be much easier to do in the winter and also be less disruptive to your landscape.

Be Mindful of Salt

When it comes to tree care for the winter, you need to make sure you are being mindful of salt and the damage it can do to your trees. Rock salt is a necessity in the winter to help with heavy snowfalls. However, rock salt is incredibly harmful to trees and other types of plant life. You need to make sure you are keeping salt far away from your trees, or buy less harmful salt with calcium chloride in it instead of sodium chloride.

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