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4 Major Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid


Landscaping can come with its own difficulties. Be sure to avoid these mistakes when planning what your yard will look like.

Planning your landscaping efforts isn’t always an easy task. You need to create the outdoor space that works for you and looks the way you always dreamed of—which means a lot of planning ahead and sticking to various landscaping principles. You don’t want to waste hours determining what you want your landscape to look like only for everything to not pan out the way you want it to. Winter is a great time to start thinking about what you want to do with your landscaping, so let’s take a look at four mistakes you want to be sure to avoid.

1. Planting in the Wrong Areas

You may have picked the right plants for you, but different kinds of plants should go in different areas. Every kind of plant requires a different amount of shade vs. sunlight and in the case of trees, some have roots that can end up damaging the foundation of your home if you plant them too close. You really need to consider what you want out of each plant and what area of your yard makes the most sense for that plant to go.

2. Planting Trees Too Deep

Many people believe that more soil can only be a good thing, especially in the case of trees. However, too much soil and placing a tree too deep in the ground can cause serious issues down the line. This may result in root rot and even end up choking a tree before it has a chance to truly grow. Set your trees up for success by planting them properly and allowing them to have a long, fruitful life.

3. Cutting Grass Too Short

If you cut your grass too close to the ground, you end up exposing its roots to insects and disease and opening the door to bare spots developing in your lawn. You really don’t need to keep your lawn mower on the shortest setting, otherwise, you risk hurting your landscaping efforts overall.

4. Creating a Cluttered Lawn

An overly busy landscape is distracting and ruins some of the natural beauty that is associated with good landscaping. Try to limit any kinds of ornaments or outdoor fixtures like lawn decorations or fountains. Keeping these elements to a minimum makes it really stand out when you do include them.

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