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4 Kinds of Trees and Other Plants That Can Damage Your Plumbing


Planting certain kinds of trees and other plants can actually end up doing some serious damage to your plumbing if you aren’t careful.

When you’re sprucing up your home in the spring, the first instinct is often to add new plants and trees to the outside. These additions to your landscaping can do wonders for curb appeal, making the home look better, and often energy usage if they provide shade. But they can also occasionally be a hazard you’d never expect – to your plumbing. There are some plants that tend to pose more of a hazard than others to plumbing fixtures like your sewer line, so be careful if you’re considering adding them to your landscaping.


Ivy is a popular choice for ground cover for the same reason that it can be a hazard to pipes: it is one of the fastest growing plants out there. It very quickly climbs pipes and works it’s way into any opening. The root system is complex and thick and ivy can become a pipe obstruction very, very quickly.


Oak trees grow very slowly but they have super powerful roots. Their roots can easily destroy pipes, but they grow so slowly that the problem is a gradual one. By the time there’s a noticeable effect, the damage underground is often catastrophic. If you want oak trees in your landscaping, keep them very far away from your underground plumbing systems.


When you picture a willow tree, it’s usually by a pond or stream. The reason for this is that willows require a lot of water and their roots actively seek it out. As the willow grows it needs even more water and they can get very large. Like the oak, the roots are also very strong. All of this together means that the willow’s roots will reach out towards your pipes and crush them to get to the water that’s inside.


Holly is a common landscaping choice because it is beautiful year-round. Often it is planted against foundations, and this placement is where the issues arise. Holly is a strong, sturdy bush that flourishes all year including the winter, so the roots can quickly become a problem for pipes. They grow into crevices in the piping and sewer system and create clogs. If you do want to plant holly make sure you’re keeping it well away from your plumbing lines.

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