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Why Planting New Trees is So Important

Planting a new tree isn’t just good for your property, it’s good for the world!

If you’ve never paid much attention to the trees around you, you should. Trees are not only beautiful, with a variety of branching patterns, leaf shapes, and colors, they are also beneficial for property owners and for the world in general. If you’ve been considering adding trees, or more trees, to your property, you should! Planting trees is so important because of the vital work trees do in our ecosystem.

Air Quality

To begin with the obvious, trees provide oxygen, which is something people need. An acre of trees can provide enough oxygen to totally meet the oxygen needs of 18 people, but it isn’t just about the oxygen that results from photosynthesis. Trees also absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants. The carbon dioxide is broken down through photosynthesis, but the pollutants are trapped in the leaves and bark of the tree. Thanks to the tree, not only is there oxygen to breathe, but many pollutants are filtered out of the air as well. 


Trees provide shade, which is another pretty obvious benefit of them. This shade can accomplish important things. It can help you conserve energy by keeping the cooling costs of your home down. This is not only great for your wallet, it is also really good for the environment, since using less energy means burning less fossil fuels. Shade throughout your yard will also help you decrease the amount of water you need to use to keep the yard healthy. Even a newly planted tree only needs about 15 gallons of water per week and mature trees need even less.  Again, this is a great money saving benefit, but it is also a great environmental one as well. Finally, shade from trees can also reduce exposure to UV radiation. Trees can provide protection by blocking up to 50% of UV rays. This makes them an especially good addition around play areas and campuses.


Finally, trees can also help with stormwater runoff. Trees help to slow the rain fall as it descends through the canopy and to slow runoff as it runs over the ground. This will help to decrease erosion, and it will also help to limit the amount of pollution that gets carried directly into streams, bays, and the oceans by that runoff. 

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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