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Can Too Much Rain Be a Bad Thing For Trees?

Can too much rain actually be a problem for trees? You may want to adjust your watering schedule and do a few more maintenance tasks!

Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? When it comes to rain, the answer is absolutely. Sure, you may not think about it often, but too much rain can actually slow the growth of your trees and do more harm than good. This may seem outlandish, but there are some good scientific reasons as to why rain can cause you some issues. Let’s take a look at how too much rain can impact your trees and why that may not be a great thing.

Tree Roots

Soil doesn’t always have enough organic matter in it to help promote tree growth. This becomes especially problematic because plant roots need oxygen to survive. Excessive rain can fill up those pore spaces within your soil and  this leads to tree roots suffocating and dying. Once those roots begin to suffer, it prevents trees from getting water whatsoever. Believe it or not, too much rain can be just about as bad as a severe drought.


All of that rain can begin leaching out the nitrogen in your soil and that can end up impacting the growth of trees, especially young ones. High amounts of rain can deplete nitrogen especially in urban soils. If you’re dealing with an abundance of rain, you may want to consider fertilizing your trees, particularly during the fall. Additionally, too much rain can even cause fluctuations in the pH of your soil.

What’s the Solution?

There’s not much you can do in terms of stopping rain, but you can incorporate a few methods to help mitigate those problems. Try fertilizing your trees with a slow release nitrogen during the fall. You’re going to want to incorporate more organic matter into your soil as well, like biochar or compost. Mulching your trees helps balance soil moisture and can help build up organic matter. And of course monitor how much you’re watering your trees so you’re not adding to the problem!

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