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How to Care for New Saplings in the Cold Weather

How to Care for New Saplings in the Cold Weather
Let us take a look at how you can take care of your new saplings during the cold winter weather.

We are still in the cold season of winter, but only a few more weeks until spring officially arrives. Since it is almost spring, there are a few new opportunities for fresh starts on your landscape. Planting a brand new tree is a great way to renew your landscaping, so let us take a look at how you can take care of your new saplings during the cold winter weather. Read on to learn more!

What You’ll Need

You are going to want to plant your sapling in the early spring once the ground is no longer freezing. So, take this time to consider which types of saplings you’d like to buy and plant. Pick a space where the tree can get enough sunlight while also having enough room to grow and spread out as comfortably as possible. Before you plant your sapling, go and inspect it for dead or broken pieces, and then remove them. Once the young sapling is placed within the ground, ensure it gets plenty of water to get it started on the journey to success.

Over the New Couple of Years

Over the next few years, it will be essential for you to hire someone to prune your young trees regularly to ensure a healthy and even growth pattern. When it comes down to your trees, pruning is essential to help your tree grow effectively. In the event that your tree’s leaves begin to get too dense or patches start to appear within its canopy, pruning is the most effective way for fixing the issue.

Look out for Signs of Trouble to Protect Your Sapling

One of the most essential aspects of ensuring that your sapling grows up strong and healthy is making sure that your plant is getting enough moisture. Along with watering it, you should also give it enough of a covering of mulch around its base to protect against the sun and keep your sapling’s roots appropriately hydrated. On hot days during the summer months, make sure to monitor your sapling for any signs of drought and for signs of drought stress.

If you have any questions regarding tree care throughout the different seasons of the year, give the certified arborists from Harford Tree a call today!

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