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How to Tell if Your Tree is Too Close to Your House

How to Tell if Your Tree is Too Close to Your House
A falling tree is something nobody wants to see outside their living room windows.

Although the shade of a well-placed tree could improve a summer or spring day, a falling tree is something nobody wants to see outside their living room windows. Whether a tree falls onto a car or onto your house, the damage it could do will be very serious. That is why it is best to address trees when they seem like they are getting a bit too close for comfort. Read on to learn if your property’s trees are too close to your home.

Get Your Tree Removed Before it Causes Any Trouble

Trees riddled with disease or trees that get knocked down by extreme weather conditions might show signs of possible issues before they fall down. Some of the most common symptoms of damaged and sick trees include splintering bark, mold, signs of any diseases, or cracks in limbs or tree’s trunk. If you notice anything weird with your tree’s appearance, particularly the ones close to your house, contact a tree specialist to have it removed.

Falling Trees Could Seriously Hurt Your Property

If a tree were to fall onto your vehicle, particularly a tall one, it would probably total the vehicle. Not to mention all of the dangers a falling tree can pose to pets, people, and infrastructure. Falling trees can take out your power lines, seriously harm your roof, and wreck all types of havoc. To prevent trees from falling, you must make sure that they are healthy and that the soil holding them in place is safe and secure. After a heavy rainfall, the soil could soften to the very point of losing control of the tree they’re holding in place. If your tree is located on a hill, then you’re at risk.

How Could You Avoid Falling Trees?

One way to avoid trouble down the line with trees that are falling is to make sure that they are planted safely and strategically. However, if the trees are already located on your property, you should ensure they’re pruned, trimmed, and monitored for possible issues. Consistent pruning can help reduce the weight of these trees planted on your property. If you are not sure about your trees’ overall health or age, then a tree specialist from Harford Tree can evaluate them and then advise you.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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