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Essential Pruning Tips to Keep in Mind

Essential Pruning Tips to Keep in Mind
As a property owner, it is important to understand exactly what pruning is.

With all of the talk about pruning trees for the winter, it would be nice for you to know how to identify why it is important to prune and how we will do it. Harford Tree has years of experience with tree pruning. We are your local certified arborists and handle a wide selection of pruning jobs. We will go through a few of the reasons that pruning is a necessity this time of year and then cover how we get it done correctly. Read on to learn more!

Safety and Security

This might be the most obvious reason for you to prune a tree. Limbs might be in contact with a structure, blocking access to driveways, roads, exits, and even touching dangerous powerlines. They could be overhanging a spot with a lot of foot traffic, too, like sidewalks, decks, playgrounds, or balconies. You do not need to prune these right away necessarily, but you should definitely watch them as close as you can. If they begin to look like they’re diseased or dying or getting in the way of everyday activities, give us a call, and we will take a look!

Growth Control

When it comes to plants growing near your house, it is very important to control their growth. Plants shouldn’t outgrow their space to overtake neighboring plants or become too big to be supported. Overgrowth encourages rot and stifles the airflow. Keep your plants at their appropriate shape and size through pruning.

Plant Training

This refers to the trimming to encourage growth. When a plant’s limbs are cut, new growth will start to emerge from the side that is cut, likely in numbers than before. This is a prevalent practice with edible plants like flowering plants and herbs to encourage more blooms. This is best done during the winter to limit the cut site’s exposure right before the spring arrives.

Pruning Small Branches

We can remove smaller branches or anything less than 1 ½ inches with shears, loppers, or a bow saw. Even though these branches are much smaller, you should prune appropriately to reduce any damage to your tree’s soft tissue.

Pruning Bigger Branches

For larger branches, you have to use a bit more precaution to not damage the main part of the tree. Using the right cutting techniques is crucial for the safety and health of both you and your tree.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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