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When You Should Consider Cutting Down your Trees

When You Should Consider Cutting Down your Trees
Trees that are dead, dying, or diseased can be a huge safety risk and a liability if they fall and cause damage.

Trees are an important part of many landscapes, from business to residential. Trees provide many benefits since their shade can help lower utility costs, they can help increase property value, they’re aesthetically pleasing, and generally, they’re fun (tree climbing and treehouses can’t exist without them). Trees do require loving care and maintenance however and occasionally one has to make the hard choice to remove a tree for some reason. Trees that are dead, dying, or diseased can be a huge safety risk and a liability if they fall and cause damage. Here is how you can tell it is time to have a tree removed by a professional

Signs Of A Dying Tree

There is no one sign that a tree is dead, since many of the signs could also point to a tree that is diseased and starting to die or that only has dead sections. If your trees are showing any of these indications, you should have a professional come out and assess the tree. One sign is fungi or mushrooms growing at the base of the tree since they often occur when the tree is rotting from the inside. If there is moss or lichens growing there, those are not a sign of a dying tree, however. Another sign is visible roots, since these indicate that the tree is having trouble growing. Visible root systems are weak ones and are more easily harmed or damaged. Shoots or small branches, that grow near the base of the trunk could also indicate a problem. Finally, if you do a scratch test and don’t see the green cambium layer, there is an issue with the tree.

The Damage It Could Cause Is Major

A dead or dying tree may not need to come down immediately if the structure of it is still strong. IF it isn’t, however, or if parts of the tree could fall and cause damage, you should have it removed. Remember that trees can cause damage in a variety of ways. The whole tree doesn’t need to fall, but even if branches come down in a wind storm, it could still be a big problem. Also, remember that if your dead tree damages your neighbor’s property, you will be liable for it.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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