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Prevalent Tree Pruning Mistakes to Avoid

Prevalent Tree Pruning Mistakes to Avoid
Specific techniques have to be used to avoid putting a tree’s health and integrity in jeopardy.

At Harford Tree, we usually talk about the importance of maintaining your trees with consistent routine pruning and trimming. However, specific techniques have to be used to avoid putting a tree’s health and integrity in jeopardy. That is why we would like to provide you with the following tree pruning mistakes that homeowners usually make. Read on to learn more!

A Lack of Pruning

A lack of pruning could lead to overgrown trees that could pose severe safety hazards on your property. Even more, overgrown trees look very unattractive, thus lowering the overall curb appeal and value of your house. A tree pruning company like Harford Tree will use the right techniques to prune your trees to shape and promote some ideal long-term growth.


As mentioned before, topping should be avoided at all times when pruning a tree. A certified arborist advises against this technique because topping could stimulate secondary growth but with a weaker overall structure. The result is an ugly, dangerous tree that will need to be removed in the near future.

Improper Tree Pruning Tools

Many homeowners make the honest mistake of using the wrong types of tools when it comes down to pruning their trees. Even if you’ve got the right tools, they could be rusty and dull, leading to ragged, ugly cuts that will spread disease. Furthermore, most homeowners can end up using these tools the wrong way, resulting in a severe injury. That is why it is best to consider hiring a tree pruning company, like Harford Tree, to correctly prune using the right skills and tools necessary to get the job done properly.

Bad Technique

It is one thing to tackle a do-it-yourself pruning project. It is another to take the time and have it done properly. Far too often, though, homeowners simply cut branches off a tree randomly. This usually results in unsightly cuts, nasty scars, and water sprouts. Bad pruning techniques could also result in the spread of diseases and insect infestation if you do not know what you’re doing.

No Attention to Detail

Most property maintenance tasks, such as mowing a lawn and watering a garden, do not take much thought. However, that is simply not the care when it comes down to pruning your trees. Mistakes can be carelessly made if you try a pruning job alone, which is why you need Harford Tree’s team of arborists to give you a hand!

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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