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How to Take Care of Your Trees During the Winter

How to Take Care of Your Trees During the Winter
When the temperature gets as cold as it does during the winter, it can put certain kinds of bushes, shrubs, and trees at risk.

With winter coming so soon, it’s time for us to start preparing for winter in all the ways we must: holiday shopping, winterizing our homes, and determining how to best care for our trees. You may be prepared to spend your winter in the comfort of your own home but the coming months can be quite stressful for many kinds of plants. When the temperature gets as cold as it does during the winter, it can put certain kinds of bushes, shrubs, and trees at risk, so take advantage of these tips for proper winter care.

Prune Ahead of Time

If you’re thinking about this now, you’re already ahead of the curve. You’ve given yourself just enough time to get in and prune your trees, which can prevent a number of serious winter issues. When the temperature begins to drop, weaker branches are the most vulnerable and leave your tree in a fragile state. Instead, pruning during the fall gives you enough time to get the job done without allowing for new growths to form. Any larger branches that seem vulnerable but aren’t something you want to prune can be tied up with rope to reinforce their structure.

Use Cold-Weather Blankets

Certain varieties of trees are better at handling cold weather than others. Some—like cherry, citrus, and palm trees—are particularly vulnerable, which is why you may turn to cold-weather blankets. The quick change of weather can cause frost cracking, which leaves the bark of a tree injured and vulnerable to further issues from bacteria, insects, and fungi. Young trees are particularly at risk. To solve this issue, purchase tree blankets from a local hardware store.   

Stop Animals

The winter also brings about scarcity for many animals. Unfortunately, this may mean that they take to your trees as a source of shelter and food. Depending on where you live, this may mean rats, deer, mice, squirrels, rabbits, and raccoons all shacking up on your property. Be on the lookout for telltale signs like teeth marks or stripped bark. To deal with this, start by cleaning up the surrounding area of any branches or debris. There are also tree guards that help repel animals. 

Utilize Mulch

Cold weather leads to the ground freezing. This ends up making it difficult for trees to absorb enough moisture from their soil, meaning they can dry out. To combat this, try using organic mulch. Place a layer of it around each tree, which then helps insulate it and prevents it from getting too cold and freezing up.

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