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Is Organic Mulch That Much Better for My Trees?

Is Organic Mulch That Much Better for My Trees?
Understanding the differences between organic mulch and regular mulch can help you determine which type is best for you.

When it comes to mulch, how do you know which is better? The reality is, understanding the differences between organic mulch and regular mulch can help you determine which type is best for you and your needs. Here is a helpful guide to better understanding the nuances associated with the different types of mulch and which one is right for you.

The Difference Between Organic And Inorganic Mulch

First things first, there are two different types of mulch options available — organic and inorganic. What this means is that organic mulches are typically by-products of other industries. In fact, the difference between these types of mulches and inorganic mulch is that inorganic mulch will traditionally be made from non-natural or human-made material. Ultimately, this really comes down to understanding these two varying types of mulch and how they truly differ from one another. 

Understanding Organic Mulch

For the most part, organic mulch can be summarized as being made of plant or animal materials that were once living. As a result, organic mulch can decompose over time. In fact, organic mulch is preferred when soil structure is important because it has the unique ability to help soil sustain it’s structure while also improving the quality of the soil itself. This means that there are some different organic mulch types to choose from. There is hard and softwood bark as well as municipal yard waste and composting animal manure. 

Understanding Inorganic Mulch

And then there is inorganic mulch. This type of mulch is traditionally made from hardier materials like plastic film or stone and possibly rubber that don’t decompose quickly — or even at all. In fact, inorganic mulch tends to be more costly because of how it is ultimately made and may not necessarily serve the purposes in specific scenarios. That is why it becomes increasingly important to understand which type of mulch is best for your purposes. 

Bottom Line

Properly knowing what mulch works best for your lawn can make all the difference in how trees grow. In fact, using the wrong mulch can hinder the growth of your trees and other plants. Take the time to do your due diligence and understand what type of mulch to get to ensure your lawn is pristine all year round. 

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