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How to Deal with Exposed Tree Roots

How to Deal with Exposed Tree Roots
Since the majority or the entirety of a tree’s roots exist right beneath the ground, it is not a sight a lot of homeowners get to see.

A tree’s root system is a very complex structure made up of winding, long roots that intertwine and fuse to provide a tremendous amount of strength against natural forces. Since the majority or the entirety of a tree’s roots exist right beneath the ground, it is not a sight a lot of homeowners get to see. Sometimes maybe one or a few of a tree’s roots could become visible above the ground. Lets take a look at what it really means when exposed tree roots start to occur and how to properly deal with them to keep your tree healthy and your entire yard safe!

The Main Cause of Exposed Roots

Even though it may seem like your tree’s roots are growing in an upwards direction, the root system of your tree grows outwards and downwards from the base. One of the most common causes of roots becoming visible above ground is erosion. Once the ground above a tree’s root system is exposed to rain, runoff, wind, or lack of sunshine for an extended period, soil erosion is able to occur naturally, leaving the roots underneath exposed.

What You Should do With Exposed Tree Roots

Once a tree’s roots are exposed, they can become damaged by lawn tools or foot traffic very quickly. Damaged roots cannot efficiently collect nutrients or water for the tree like they are supposed to, which can negatively affect your tree and its health. When you find yourself with exposed tree roots in your lawn, there are a couple of things you can do to stop damage and keep your trees healthy:

  • Discourage all foot traffic in that area.
  • Spread mulch, any kind, overexposed roots to insulate and cushion them.
  • Opt for organic materials, such as pine straw, pine bark nuggets, and shredded wood for mulching
  • Avoid mowing too close to your exposed tree roots
  • If you want an alternative method for mulching around your exposed roots, you can instead plant ground cover by spread new soil and adding plants. Plants to add include Ajuga, Periwinkle, Wild Violets, or Monkey Grass to the spot around your tree.

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