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The Most Common Tree Diseases and Problems

The Most Common Tree Diseases and Problems
Trees, just like all living things, are susceptible to health issues and diseases.

Is your tree looking a bit worse for wear? Do its branches, roots, or leaves just a look a bit off? Are you wondering if a certain spot or blemish you’ve noticed lately is regular? Trees, just like all living things, are susceptible to health issues and diseases that can stunt growth, cause unwanted issues, and even lead to the loss of your tree entirely. Luckily, your local arborist and tree experts from Harford Tree are here to share some of the most common issues you might experience. Read on to learn about some common tree diseases and problems.

Scorched Leaves

Leaves can become scorched due to overexposure to intense sunlight or high winds. Leaf scorch because of weather-related reasons is evidenced by the dehydrated leaves that look shriveled, brown, and have burn marks near their tips or outer part of the leaf. To help combat leaf scorching, we suggest that you increase watering and add some mulch around your tree for protection and moisture absorption.

Leaf Rust

One of the most common tree diseases to look out for is leaf rust. Rust fungus is a prevalent disease found in trees and plants. It works to quietly weaken a plant’s photosynthesis system, leaving the leaves with some unattractive yellow-brownish spots. Leaf rust can be removed through the use of fungicide and eliminating tree leaves that are already hurt.

Improper Pruning

Improper tree pruning can manifest in many different ways. What is commonly seen is either an overly trimmed tree or a severely under-trimmed tree that is very overgrown with fur. In either case, the tree can struggle to breathe and absorb in water as a result. To ensure the absolute best pruning treatment is utilized, its recommended you enlist the help of a tree-trimming professional from Harford Tree.


Gall is a tree disease condition that manifests itself as an abnormal growth in different areas of a tree. These unsightly bumps can vary in color and size but are usually described as bladder or pouch-like growth. Most of these galls are created by insects and mites to store their eggs. While they are very unsightly, most galls are mostly just an aesthetic issue and do little to no damage to most trees.

If you have any concerns about tree diseases or tree care, give the folks at Harford Tree a call today!

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