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A Guide to Keeping Your Property’s Trees Healthy

A Guide to Keeping Your Property’s Trees Healthy
Improper tree care can lead to dangerous situations or the loss of a tree entirely.

Having your property surrounded by trees can be a very beautiful thing. However, it can be a very costly situation if you don’t correctly plant or maintain these trees. Improper tree care can lead to dangerous situations or the loss of a tree entirely. It is imperative to protect your investment and nurture thee trees on your property to ensure they continue to grow and thrive for decades to come. Below are some of the essential care tips to ensure your property’s trees grow strong and stay healthy.

Plan Before You Plant any Trees

Consider the total area and space your tree with need once it reaches maximum height and root depth. Avoid planting any trees too close together, or near a structure, so they’ll have plenty of room to grow. Certain areas of your land won’t be suitable for a tree to grow because of gas, water, electric, and sewer lines running underneath. Ask your local utility company if it is okay to plant a tree in a specific spot.

Prune Your Trees Often

Pruning your property’s tree is essential to ensuring the longevity to their health, as well as sustaining safe conditions around your property as a whole. Maintaining a regular pruning schedule enables the trees on your property to grow stronger while simultaneously minimizing any risk of weak branches falling when you’d least expect. Excess leaves or other foliage can put an excessive amount of weight on an otherwise healthy branch, causing it to break off without any warning dangerously. Routine visits from a tree care expert from Harford Tree will ensure your trees are pruned to cater to their ideal health conditions.

Learn the Warning Signs of a Sick Tree

If a tree becomes sick or diseased, it can create a very hazardous situation. Luckily, there’s a few signs you can look out for to spot illness in trees. Pay attention to the shedding and growth of your property’s trees. If a tree starts to grow fewer leaves annually or begins shedding it’s leaves sooner than others, it could be trying to send you a sign of its health. Similarly, unusual coloration or spotting in leaves can indicate that help is needed.

For any more help with your land’s trees, give Harford Tree a call today!

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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