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Signs that Indicate That Tree Pruning is Necessary

Signs that Indicate That Tree Pruning is Necessary
You might not even realize or think twice about tree pruning, but it is necessary.

Pruning your trees regularly provides you with plenty of benefits. These include aesthetic appeal while preventing potential property damage and possible safety concerns. You might not even realize or think twice about tree pruning, but it is necessary for specific situations. It all depends on the overall health of your tree. That’s why Harford Tree would like to provide you with the following tree care signs that might indicate that it is time for tree pruning.

Broken Branches

Any broken or dangling tree branches are a tell-tale sign that your tree has to be pruned. These kinds of injuries are usually caused by extreme weather like wind or snow. They present a significant safety hazard that needs to be attended to quickly. That is why we recommend checking up on the trees on your property regularly. Especially after any storms have happened, then they have to be pruned. Tree pruning might be necessary if you spot any broken branches.

Crossed Tree Branches

When a tree is left unattended, its branches start to cross as it grows. When this occurs, they rub and touch against each other, damaging bark and exposing any interior wood. This can cause decay, which can then spread to the rest of the tree. If this has occurred, then it is time for proper tree pruning services.


One other sign that your trees need pruning is the presence of any deadwood. Just like broken branches, large sections of deadwood can fall at any time, making them hazardous to property and people below. Without the right type of tree pruning, a tree can begin to decay and will need to be removed if it becomes unhealthy.

Branch Density

Another fairly obvious sign that you have to prune your tree is excessive growth. If a tree on your property is so thick that it is impossible to see through it, it’s time to have it trimmed. Why? Branch density can become extremely hazardous as the branches of your tree are more likely to catch the wind during severe weather and cause damage.

Misshaped Trees

When trees are neglected, they become misshapen, which can affect their beauty and makeup. Trees like this will not only look bad but will not distribute their weight correctly. This can lead to property damage if you aren’t careful. Tree pruning services from Harford Tree will take care of these issues.

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