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The Roles and Importance of Tree Pruning

The Roles and Importance of Tree Pruning
Cutting down a tree on your land might not always be the answer to your problem. That’s where tree pruning comes in.

Typically, the health of your trees might not be a high priority. Most people think that their trees can be easily replaced if they begin to die or get sick. However, cutting down a tree on your land might not always be the answer. Large, older trees are cherished for their ability to provide shade during hot summers. If you fail to take care of a tree on your property correctly, it will have poor health, and could even die. That’s where tree pruning comes in. Here are some reasons you should consider hiring a professional for a tree pruning service.

Tree Identification

The biological makeup of a tree is very complex, and often only a professional arborist will know how to classify the species of your trees and understand its growth habits. For example, eucalyptus trees have a way of forming branches that only an arborist from a tree pruning company will be able to recognize.

Nearby Environment

While analyzing the health of your trees, a certified professional will seek out any changes in the surrounding area. This will include whether or not a tree stands by itself or if there are any nearby trees. A tree standing by itself is often more structurally sound compared to trees that are standing in groups because it doesn’t have to compete for any resources. Trees standing together usually need more maintenance and tree pruning to ensure they don’t have and competing branches that could break or tangle up. Close-packed trees also often share diseases or insect infestations.

Fresh Growth Opportunities

Preventative tree care normally requires more than one visit by a professional. Why may you ask? Instead of attempting to fix everything at once, it’s essential to consider the future growth of a tree in form and structure to promote new growth and tree pruning chances. Only a professional arborist will know whether it’s required to remove whole limbs or branches, which can create massive wounds that a tree will need to recover from before additional pruning can take place.

Health and Healing

The status of a tree’s bark is a critical factor that affects its health. A certified professional will ensure you the best pruning practices to prevent any stripping or ripping of a tree’s bark. This part of tree pruning ensures that wounds will heal swiftly and properly, as professionals use tools that have been cleaned and taken care of properly.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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