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4 Helpful Tree Tips for Winter

4 Helpful Tips for Winter Tree Care
Trees are doing a little more than hibernating as winter passes – they’re experiencing the full impact of the chilly winter weather.

Before you know it, the brutal winter months will be here. If you care about your property’s landscape, then you have to know precisely how to take the necessary steps to take care of your trees. It is easy to view trees as sleeping giants that lie dormant through the cold until the warmer weather returns. However, trees are doing a little more than hibernating as winter passes – they’re experiencing the full impact of the chilly winter weather. Aspects such as thick, sturdy bark and underground roots help trees withstand the winter conditions. Newly planted trees, however, lack these natural defenses and can benefit from a little extra support. Here are four helpful tree tips on how to take care of your trees during the winter months.


The first of many tree tips – lay down some mulch. A small layer of mulch can help insulate soil over a tree’s roots. Lay mulch underneath the dripline of the tree, the area covered by leaves during the summer. If it’s significantly colder outside, wait a bit to add mulch until after the ground freezes. In all climates, try to avoid piling mulch directly against the tree trunk.


Take time out of your schedule to inspect trees during the winter, especially in areas where leaves fall. Winter provides the perfect chance to see a tree’s outline and structure and make important decisions about any branches that might need to be removed. Dormant pruning is a great option to minimize disease spread and helps protect existing roots underneath trees.


It might seem pointless, but you should keep watering newly planted trees as long as the soil isn’t frozen. In the coldest areas, give new trees a sip of water during seasonal thaws. Apply water gently and slowly, allowing it to sink into the ground.


The wintertime limits food sources for animals like rabbits and mice. These small critters like nothing better than gnawing down on tree bark, especially young, weaker bark. Protect your tree with a plastic guard, which wraps around the trunk. Just make sure to work from the base upwards, and then cover it to end well above the potential snow line in your area. You can also encircle your tree trunks with chicken wire or hardware cloth to prevent chewing rodents from chowing down. As trees mature and their bark develops fissures and a tougher exterior, tinier animals begin to lose interest. Keep these tree tips in mind this winter.

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