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What Are the Dangers of DIY Tree Trimming?

Tree Trimming
It may not seem like it but tree trimming can actually be a dangerous task that you shouldn’t do yourself.

There are many things that you can DIY around your home and landscape, but tree trimming should not be one of them. It’s easy to forget how dangerous trimming a tree can be, but it can result in loss of limb, life, and damage to your home and property when done incorrectly. Having a professional tree trimming service come and assist you is not only cost-effective but potentially life saving.

Improper Tool Usage 

To start, there’s more to trimming a tree than just having a ladder and a chainsaw. Every area has its own regulations for protective equipment, and for good reason, trimming trees can be incredibly dangerous. Along with the protective gear, which you will likely need to buy, you’ll also need a range of high quality, well cared for and sharpened tools including saws, chainsaws, ropes, cranes and even wood chippers. Not only is all of this equipment expensive to own and maintain, but it’s dangerous to use improperly as well.   


If you’re not using professional equipment it can be impossible to tell how or where a tree limb will fall when it is cut. Not only can this lead to putting your physical possessions and home at risk, but your life as well. The risk of having the limb fall on the person cutting it or those nearby is high. 


Last but not least, one of the biggest risks while trimming a tree is the threat of a powerline. Not only can they be incredibly dangerous and fatal if hit, but if the powerline is damaged and it affects your area, you may be held liable for the costs. Investing in professional trimming is much more affordable! 

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