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How Important is Commercial Tree Care?

Commercial Tree Care
Any business should be aware of the importance of commercial tree care and what it can do for your image.

Most people are aware of at least some of the many important benefits of including trees in residential landscaping. What they don’t often think about is that many of these same benefits can be reaped by including trees in commercial landscaping, including improved energy consumption for building cooling. The trees around your commercial property need to be well looked after, however, or they could do more harm than good so take note of the importance of commercial tree care!


A well-maintained landscape around your building, including trees cared for by a professional, can do wonders for your business. Passersby will see your beautiful building exterior and be drawn in and first time clients will have a positive first impression before they even walk through the door. Likewise, having disorganized, unkempt, and ragged looking plants can give a bad impression. When you don’t take care of the landscaping around your building, it gives the impression that you don’t care, while well-maintained landscapes have an air of professionalism. This difference in perception is a huge reason that commercial tree care is so important.

Property Value

A business property that looks rundown and unprofessional has a lower value and a negative effect on the surrounding property values. When it comes to trees, this includes diseased or dying limbs, old stumps, thinning and scraggly branches, among other factors. Commercial tree care and maintenance is critical in keeping trees looking healthy and attractive so that they improve property values instead of decreasing them. This will also make it easier to compete with surrounding businesses, since that first impression of the outside of your commercial building may be the difference between someone walking in or walking by.

Money Savings

Trees that are not well maintained can become a liability to your property. Aside from looking bad, they could fall or drop limbs on your landscaping, your building, or cars in your parking lot, doing considerable damage. The costs of commercial tree care now will be small compared to the costs of clean up and liability if something happens to the damaged or dying tree. Additionally, if you want to reap the other benefits of trees, such as decreasing your building cooling costs with shade, your trees need to be healthy, full, and well-maintained. 

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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