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How to Handle a Falling Tree Branch

How to Handle a Falling Tree Branch
Natural occurrences like thunder, lightning, heavy wind, storm, and hail might cause tree branches to fall off.

It isn’t uncommon for tree branches to fall off a tree. Natural occurrences like thunder, lightning, heavy wind, storm, and hail might cause tree branches to fall off. Sometimes significant damages or delays in providing first aid to those broken branches can damage your tree entirely. Therefore, it is important to attend to a broken branch as soon as you can. Below are a couple of steps for you to take care of trees with fallen and broken branches. Read on to learn more!

Assess the Damage

For your tree, the initial step you should take is to analyze the broken branches. Are major limbs broken down? How big are the wounds where the branch has fallen? Is your tree damaged at all? Do you need assistance in clearing the tree branches and fixing the damages? Would you need to cut down the tree? These are all serious questions to consider before moving on.

Clear off the Tree Branches

Start clearing and pruning broken branches off very carefully. The smaller broken tree branches should be given priority. Then start to clear off all the loose branches onto the floor to avoid any mistakes. If big branches are hanging over power lines, then you should get some help to prevent accidents.  

Check for Damage and Wounds

Repair ripped bark on your trees by using a knife to smooth out the edges of the wound where the branch fell. No need to treat these kinds of damages because trees are more than capable of repairing themselves. Although the wound scars remain on the tree, the wound will heal and stop decaying.

Hold Off if Damage is Severe

In cases where multiple major limbs are hurt, or the tree looks like it will not survive, be patient. Don’t take any action that could hurt you or your property alone. Instead, calling a tree removal company with a certified arborist can help. They will prune the branches carefully to give the tree some time to recover fully. You should also strongly consider asking the specialist to assess the damages to determine what you should do next.

Say Goodbye to Your Tree

If it is evident that your tree cannot be saved because the damage is too much, then kiss it goodbye. A professional from Harford Tree can remove it too.

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