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Essential Landscaping Tips for This Fall

Essential Landscaping Tips for This Fall
Fall is a time where your yards have to stay maintained.

Leaves are now falling, and winter will be here before we even know it. Fall is a time where your yards have to stay maintained, especially if you’ve got trees and other plants in your space. Maintenance and upkeep are needed year-round if you want your landscape to look neat consistently. Here are some helpful yard maintenance and landscaping tips to follow this fall in order to keep your home’s entire exterior looking wonderful.

Rake Fallen Leaves Consistently

The fallen leaves may look pretty, but leaving them on your lawn could damage the grass when conditions get moist, and temperatures start to drop. If you have kids, make this task enjoyable! Rake leaves into big piles and lets kids jump in them before you dispose of them. This can make raking feel a bit less like a chore.

Do Not Forget About Your Hardscaping

Your driveways, sidewalks, pavers, rocks, and mulch are also crucial to the look and feel of your home’s exterior, so do not let them go unmaintained this fall. Keep them free of leaves. Power wash the sidewalk and driveway to remove stains and make sure that the mulch in your yard is all fresh and able to protect your plants and trees from intense temperatures.


Cooler temperatures lead to a slower growth rate for your trees, lawn, and other plants. But this does not mean you should neglect or take a break from correct lawn care and maintenance. Fertilizing your lawn, mulch, or soil will help give your greenery the needed nutrients to get through the rough winter weather and be ready to thrive once the spring arrives.

Trim Off Dead Branches

Winter will bring along freezing temperatures, as well as ice and snow, which can cause weakened and dead tree branches to snap off into your lawn. Avoid falling branches in the winter by trimming the weak ones from your trees in the fall.

Remove Weakened Trees

If there’s any trees in your yard that are old and brittle, they might be in danger of falling down. Windy weather in the fall, along with snow and ice in the winter, can mess with your trees that are already weak and can cause them to tip down. Removing these trees that are in danger of falling down can keep your landscape, house, and family safe. Reach out to a certified arborist in Maryland to have your trees inspected for landscaping.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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