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Why Tree Removal is Required for Landscaping

Why Tree Removal is Required for Landscaping
A tree removal job might need a necessity for your landscaping project to ensure everything goes smoothly.

A landscaping project is always a great way to spruce up your front and back yard or add onto your house with things like a patio or deck. However, sometimes these projects require a little bit of necessary evil in the form of tree removal. Tree removal for some might be another task on the way to making their home more beautiful, but for many, it could be both a frustrating and disheartening task. Trees around our homes give us a bit of nature, especially in overdeveloped neighborhoods, so having to take a tree away can often take away from the beautiful natural appearance. However, a tree removal job might need a necessity for your landscaping project to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here are a few ways you could go about a tree removal project for your next landscaping project.

Review State Ordinances Regarding Tree Removal

Before you start the removal task, you have to find out what your local regulations are. Some governments allow anyone to remove a tree while others require a certified arborist from a tree removal company to do it.

Hire a Professional Tree Removal Service

Some trees are quite hard to remove all by yourself. You could be putting yourself, your property, and your neighbors in danger if you try to chop down a tree by yourself. This is why you should always hire professionals with experience and equipment to help you with the project.

Start Cutting

To remove trees:

  1. Start by cutting the branches down to the trunk and move them out of the way of the tree.
  2. Look at how the tree is leaning and if it’s in danger of harming your home or property once it falls. If it’s close to your house, you will have to cut the tree entirely to fall properly.
  3. Cut the tree to about one to one and a half inches off the ground, starting the cut on the side of the tree to fall correctly.

Remove the Stump

The stump, all depending on its size, can be a bit of a challenge if it’s deeply rooted and big. If it’s smaller, you can dig the tree out. But, if it is bigger and older, you’re going to need some professional tree stump removal services.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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