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The Best Winter Landscaping Tips for Your Property  

The Best Winter Landscaping Tips for Your Property  
Landscaping during the winter is sometimes a necessity depending on your property.

Spring is a hectic season for tree services, landscapers, and DIYers too. But why not use the downtime of the winter and lay the foundation for seasons to come. Just because it is cold, snowy, and the weather is drab doesn’t mean your landscaping has to be. In fact, landscaping during the winter is sometimes a necessity depending on your property. Read on for a few of the very best winter landscaping tips.

Routine Care for Your Landscape

Despite it being cold, your plants will still get a bit thirsty. Remember to water all of your plants, even during the cold winter. Also, covering your plants during the harshest winter months will give them shelter against any ice or blistering wind. You could use plastic bags for this, but they’re not permeable enough to allow for proper airflow, which could lead to rot or fungus growth. Instead, use something like burlap. It’s sturdy enough to stand up against the elements and breathable enough to allow for adequate airflow.

Prune and Thin Your Trees

What might look like strong and flexible limbs during the summer can quickly turn into weak and brittle limbs during the winter. When a limb becomes encased in ice and covered in snow, it can easily split or snap under the added weight and pressure. Before winter gets bad, examine and assess your trees for any limbs that could be cleared off and pruned.

Not just deadwood, but any spots that look to be growing a bit too densely as well. Not only can too much growth prevent the flow of air and encourage the rotting and fungus growth process during the winter, but it could also accumulate a lot more snow. There more snow your tree collects, the more likely it is to weaken and become damaged.

Watch Out for Salt

Ice melt salt is remarkable when dealing with ice and snow on the pavement, but it can cause some real issues for your plants. When the ice and snowmelt and dissolve the snow, it will then soak into the soil. Form there, your plants and grass will absorb it all into their roots. This is a great way to kill your plants, and to off-balance the pH levels located in your soil, ensuring nothing grows there again. Only use ice melt when you have to and do it sparingly near landscaping or grass.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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