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How to Deal with Black Fungus on Your Trees

How to Deal with Black Fungus on Your Trees
Black fungus or otherwise known as black knot is a very common fungal disease that attacks trees.

Black fungus or otherwise known as black knot is a very common fungal disease that attacks trees, especially with cherry and plum trees here in Maryland. Black fungus or black knot disease is easy to identify and diagnose. Trees affected by black fungus typically appear hard, swollen, and black knots appear on their twigs and branches, hence the name black knots. If left untreated, fungus will expand, grow bigger, and spread to your tree’s stem. This fungal disease spreads as the wind transports the spores of the black knot. Although the disease affects wild trees mainly, it can spread to your property’s trees, too, if you do not monitor and maintain them. Read on to learn more!

Symptoms of Black Fungus

As mentioned earlier, one of the visible signs that indicate that the tree disease has attacked your tree is the black knots that appear on the branches. Some other symptoms include:

  • Infected branches might tilt to one side
  • In certain cases, leaves wilt, turn brown, and fall off, eventually
  • In severe cases, black fungus spreads to the trunk
  • Black fungus, when cracked, might produce a sticky liquid
  • Wood rot might occur

Will Black Fungus Kill my Trees?

If left untreated, then yes, a black knot will spread throughout your tree, which might eventually lead to death. Black fungal must be treated as a chronic and serious disease, even if it does not kill a tree, it will affect the growth. This is a serious issue that you should discuss with your tree care specialist. In order to manage black fungus, you should consider:

Buying Resistant Trees

There are black-knot resistant trees that are a bit less susceptible to the disease. Buying these resistant trees is the best way to prevent the spread.

Use Fungicide

One other effective way to prevent or get rid of black fungus is by using fungicide. Before fungicide can be applied, you must remove existing black knots. Also, it is best applied in dry weather once the temperature is above 60 degrees. It is important to follow instructions of the spray too.

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