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How a Soil Test Can Lead to Healthier Trees This Fall

A soil test could help you pick the right treatment plan so your trees will stay healthy all year.

Urban spots like the Baltimore and DC areas present unique challenges for tree health. Some of the stresses trees face in these spots include compacted soil, competition with turf for nutrients, and restricted root zones. For any commercial properties with trees, the increased foot traffic and higher density of buildings and skyscrapers provide even more stress. To prepare your trees to survive the fall and the winter, you should have your soil tested. A soil test could help you pick the right treatment plan so your trees will stay healthy all year. Read on to learn more!

What is in Your Tree’s Soil

Soil mostly contains macronutrients, which include nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and calcium, as well as micronutrients like zinc and iron. While the nutrients are important for tree growth, they might not be present at the correct levels to encourage it. Soil pH levels or texture levels could also help or hinder the overall tree growth process. What’s more, any soil tested on one piece of property might have different characteristics than soil tested in another spot of the same property!

Soil Testing Will Work

Fertilizing your trees without a real soil test is a massive waste of effort, time, and money. You might not see any results after applying. Not only that, the fertilization might actually harm the plants and soils within the landscape. A soil test could precisely determine what your trees and soil need and lead to improved fertilization planning. Not only will this help benefit your immediate environment, but you will not be wasting money and time with the misapplication of any fertilizers that do not treat the issue.

Fall is the Best Time for a Soil Test

Having a soil test done during the fall is a smart move. Two important areas of tree health can be addressed all at the same time. Trees do not grow foliage during the winter or autumn, so nutrients added are used for root development and strengthening your tree. Second, any excess nutrients could be stored by the tree and used during the next spring growth.

For more information on soil testing and how you can get it done to your property, give Harford Tree a call today!

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