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Everything to Know About Tree Topping and What You Can Do Instead

Tree topping is a kind of method of pruning meant to control the size of a tree, typically used after the tree is harmed.

Have you ever seen one tree that looks like somebody just gave it a crew cut? Instead of a lot of leafy branches, there are just a couple of barren stubs sticking out of its trunk. To the untrained eye, the tree could even look dead – or at the very least, as it belongs on some type of horror movie set. Chances are, the tree has probably been topped at some point. Tree topping is a kind of method of pruning meant to control the size of a tree, typically used after the tree is harmed in a storm or its growth will interfere will utility lines. Some tree care companies still regard tree topping as an acceptable tree care method. Utility companies might top trees to get them out of the way of any power lines, but most tree specialists agree that it isn’t suitable for your trees. Read on to learn more!

How Exactly Does Tree Topping Harm?

Trees rely heavily on their leaves in order to go through the process of photosynthesis and create food for themselves. When you tree top, you remove a big portion of leaves, which could change the hormonal structure of the tree, harming its growth process. Topped trees quickly develop plenty of new growth, which is typically mistaken as a benefit of topping. However, the spindly branches grow in the effort to create a few more leaves and food as quickly as possible. The stubs left behind after topping the tree are essentially open wounds that allow fungi or insects to invade your tree.

Is Tree Topping a Cheaper Option?

Tree topping is very bad for your bottom line, but maybe not initially, since you will undoubtedly feel the impact on your wallet throughout your tree’s lifespan. Tree topping is the definition of a money pit. Trees are typically topped to keep them from messing with your infrastructure. However, the rapid, unsupported growth that follows will require much more frequent pruning in order to maintain. A topped tree might need to be pruned every year, where a tree that hasn’t been topped might only require to be pruned twice in its whole lifetime. If you have a topped tree on your property, you might be able to save it, though. Give Harford Tree a call if you need assistance!

Tree Care and Maintenance from Harford Tree

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